Product Suite

Quotix offers technologies catering to the liquidity aggregation needs of broker and bank FX services. The product suite includes an aggregation engine, trading platform, liquidity bridge, and applications for management and reporting. All of these components are delivered together in one package. The technical support, maintenance, and the implementation of new features are included into the monthly fee. The product suite is delivered using software as a service model (SaaS).

The aggregation engine consolidates multiple sources of executable liquidity feeds to:

(1) narrow spreads in order to benefit from a better execution price and
(2) reduce the risk of having poor liquidity from a single liquidity provider during more volatile market periods.

Similar advantages may be achieved by trading on ECNs. The key difference of aggregators is that the liquidity is relationship-based which may be substantially cheaper for clients who make large volume. Delivering liquidity on a disclosed basis can be beneficial for both for the liquidity taker and the liquidity provider. The takers can receive deeper liquidity and more consistent pricing whereas the liquidity providers can tailor pricing based on their relationships with clients.

The aggregation engine has capabilities to:

  • sweep the large orders through the book;
  • apply spread markups;
  • do A/B book risk management;
  • filter off-market or bad prices;
  • enable/disable liquidity feeds on the fly;
  • work with/without prime brokerage model;
  • white-label the platform to institutional clients;
  • charge swaps and more.

The administrative interface called Quotix Admin allows the clients to change the parameters of the system without a need to contact Quotix support. This includes control over access rights for the employees, management of individual trading accounts, groups, commissions, markups, price streams, and instruments settings. The aggregation engine’s design applies these changes on the fly without a need for a restart. Quotix Admin has rich reporting capabilities to oversee the real time statistics such as in-depth information on exposure, P&L, NOP as well as historical statistics and trading-related reports including LP execution.

As a part of the product suite Quotix offers a trading GUI, the Quotix Trader. The Trader is an all in one solution for banks, brokers and their clients providing access to live detailed reports, the ability to view full depth of market with multi-tiered pricing and asynchronous bid and ask prices. The aggregation engine also has several APIs including standard FIX API, this means integration with any other trading software can be done with any venue over FIX protocol.

Quotix Aggregator is liquidity agnostic, meaning that any liquidity venues of the client’s choice can be plugged in as long as they support standard FIX protocol and have executable streams. Please see the list of the liquidity providers who are already supported. This means that an integration over FIX is in place with these LPs and it is certified (passed conformance test).

The architecture of the solution has certain secure failover arrangements against loss of service or data caused by hardware or infrastructure failure.
The aggregator is hosted at Equinix, the world’s largest data center & colocation provider. Hosting at Equinix data centers enables collocation with the vast majority of liquidity providers to minimise latency. The main Quotix infrastructure is in London DC, the second site is being built in Tokyo DC.

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